person holding white iphone 5 c
person holding white iphone 5 c


CREDWISE is a neo-banking service designed to assist immigrants moving to Canada in building their credit history. By starting early, immigrants can have access to essential services upon their arrival.

signage on night
signage on night

Our principles

Empowering Newcomers

Financial Inclusion

Simplified Banking

a blue sim card sitting on top of a wooden table
a blue sim card sitting on top of a wooden table

We empower newcomers by providing them with the tools and resources to build their credit history, giving them a head start in their new life in Canada.

We believe in financial inclusion for all, regardless of their immigration status. Our services are designed to ensure that everyone has access to essential financial resources.

We simplify the banking process for immigrants, making it easier for them to navigate the Canadian financial system and establish a strong credit foundation.

Sanjay Karthikeyan

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Founder and CEO

Head of Rewards Program