Super App for immigrants to build Canadian credit history and more.

Your true Canadian journey starts right here, with building your Credit History.

person using laptop computer holding card
person using laptop computer holding card

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Make USE of your application processing time!!!

Build Credit History with CREDWISE

CREDWISE helps immigrants moving to Canada to establish credit history while their immigration application is being processed. With an early start, you can have access to essentials as soon as you arrive in Canada.

a silver credit card sitting on top of a table
a silver credit card sitting on top of a table
A Solution - just made for you


  • Access to Secure Canadian Credit Card

  • Access to Canadian phone number.

  • Access to your Canadian bank account.

  • FREE immigration tools to help you.

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Find out why CREDWISE is the ideal choice for immigrants moving to Canada. With CREDWISE, you can establish credit history before arrival, ensuring access to essential services and a smooth transition to your new life in Canada.

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turned-on monitor


CREDWISE is a neo-banking service designed to assist immigrants moving to Canada in building their credit history. By starting early, immigrants can have access to essential services upon their arrival.

Building Credit, Building Futures